The Best Eco-Friendly Creative Home Activities

If you’re stuck at home as a lot of us are at the moment, things soon get boring and I totally understand that. Puzzles become even more boring and you’ve already watched everything that Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, and YouTube have to offer? Same. This is why I started creating some new eco-friendly creative activities that I could do from home.

Now I hate buying new stuff, sorry but I would rather use up stuff that people throw away or shop in a charity shop and I think there’s nothing wrong with that at all. So some of these might be a little weird but keep going and you might just find something that you really like, hopefully!

Growing At Home

Now I’m not talking about growing so that you can be taller, I’ve been trying for years and still haven’t managed it and I’m not happy! I’m talking about growing your own flowers, cress, or herbs. Think about when children come home and they’ve made cress at school, you can do it at home.

I would suggest using egg cartons, the cardboard ones though not the plastic ones. I don’t buy plastic ones if I’m honest so not sure if they will even work! You can also use other discarded items such as toilet rolls if you feel like pushing the boat out that is. They’re really easy to do and you can watch them grow, making it a teaching experience at the same time.

Making Cards

Now, this won’t be for everyone because unlike me you might not have craft supplies laying about your residence and I don’t imagine you want to go and buy loads! Making cards can be so much fun, it can be creative and you can make some truly amazing.

However, my handwriting is terrible which is why I use my printer, download some new fonts from these handwriting fonts sites that I use, and make my card more personalised without having to use my terrible handwriting. I think everyone should give card making a try, it’s so much fun!

Recycled Castle Making!

Now I love this one and it doesn’t have to be a castle, it can be a barbie house depending on what your children like. I’m sure you have loads of cardboard laying about, maybe cereal boxes? Well don’t just throw them away, use them to create something your children can play with and they can join in to help you build.

If you have paint, glue, glitter, or anything like that you can decorate them and really make them pop. Let’s face it, toys can be expensive and children spend far too long looking at a screen these days. Give them something different to enjoy and you can use the time to bond with them and create something new which won’t cost you a penny!

You can do so much with cardboard that people normally throw away, be creative or ask your children to lead the cardboard creative session and be amazed at what they think of!

Soap Making

Okay so this one needs you to think ahead I’m afraid. I don’t know about you but after a while, a hand soap loses that spark and feels dry. Collect all these old soaps and use them to make soap. You can get some amazing soap moulds and create your own shapes, colours, scents and so much more.

Soap making should be done with an adult so get your children involved in the kitchen, experimenting, and trying something new that you know they’re never going to do at school! You can also do the same with candles, just collect all the candles that didn’t quite burn through and you can make your own candles, I’d suggest keeping empty jars, etc. to help.

Get Baking!

So you’d think this one would be obvious but it really isn’t. A lot of people will order a takeaway or run to the shop for mass amounts of chocolate without even thinking about getting in the kitchen to make their own treats or dinners! There are so many recipes out there that you can make, they’re super simple and so fun to make!

Let’s take a look at dinners, you can make this yummy sweet and sour chicken fakeaway recipe instead of getting a takeaway and it’s much cheaper! You can also make these amazing Cadbury creme egg rocky roads or these super healthy breakfast muffins. What’s not to like, you can use up ingredients you’ve had forever and make something yummy!

Creme Egg Rocky Road Recipe - Easter Recipe

Creating At Home

It doesn’t matter what you like doing or if you have children or not. You can do so much at home without having to spend a fortune or anything at all. You’ve got a whole list here and I’ve tried them all out so I know they work. I mean the rocky road happens to be my favourite but that’s just because I like my food.

Let me know what activities you do at home. Have you made a blanket fort to watch movies in? Have you made popcorn and told spooky stories? Let me know and maybe I can try something new because we’re all different and can learn so much from each other. Share this on Pinterest and let others know how they can enjoy spending time at home that little bit more!

The Best Eco-Friendly Creative Home Activities

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