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The Best Eco Friendly Podcasts To Educate Yourself With

I love listening to podcasts, can’t get enough of them! When I’m out walking I will always have one on, it keeps me focused and I have one for every occasion! I love my funny podcasts and lifestyle ones that talk about random stuff, but I also like my podcasts that educate and mean something.

It took me forever to find decent eco friendly podcasts to listen to, which is why I wanted to share them with other people so if you’re looking for some to listen to, I have a list for you! So hang on to your hats, get your podcast apps at the ready and find something new and exciting to listen to today!

The Plant Based Podcast

So to kick off my eco friendly podcast list I wanted to start with this amazing addition! If you want to listen to something both educational and fun, add The Plant Based Podcast to you list. I’ve learnt so much while listening every week, they have some amazing guests and the educational possibilities are endless.

I’ve not listened to one episode where I’ve not walked away and discovered something new, another way to help the environment and the people around me. I will say from this latest season, Tree for the Future has to be my favourite episode so go and check that out! The charisma is there, you get invested and there’s never a boring moment unlike other podcasts I’ve tried to listen to.

It’s defiantly one of the best eco friendly podcasts, the material is diverse and you feel like you’re part of the show. Go check them out and show some support! Also, wow look at that picture!

Sustainable Minimalists Podcast

If you’re looking for one of the best sustainable podcasts out there, this has to be one of them. I listen every time there’s a new episode and I always take something away from it. I live a very eco friendly lifestyle and I feel this podcast helps me elevate that which makes me very happy.

This is an American eco friendly podcast so if you’re in the UK you might not take something away from every episode, their guests are mainly within the US and sometimes what they talk about isn’t targeted towards the UK. I do however love that they do an episode every week answering questions sent in by listeners and how she addressed real life questions and concerns!

If you want to learn how you can minimise your lifestyle, live better and save money in all ways of life you need to listen to this podcast. I’m hooked and I listen every time a new episode comes out! Better yet, her sponsors for the show actually matter and are relevent!

Good Together: Ethical, Eco-Friendly Sustainable Living Podcast

If you’re looking for ways that you can live more eco friendly in day to day activities, this is the eco friendly podcast that you need to listen to! The main thing I love about this podcast is that they focus on products, shopping and how you can change your actions to shop smarter and have a positive, green impact while your do it.

The podcast is full of personality, fun guests and information. The ladies know their satistics, they give you facts that you need to know and you know you’re not being fluffed off which other podcasters have been known to do. They help you make a small different in the areas that matter!

They help inspire you in ways you would never have thought about before and they help you make that difference in your life. This is probably one of the best sustainable podcasts for me, I shop way too much and it turns out I use too much single use plastic and with their help, I’m sorting that out!

The Best Sustainable Podcasts

Here are some of my favourite eco friendly podcasts out there. They get updated weekly and they’re still going. There are some good podcasts out there that have now stopped, however I like to be kept updated and have current news in the eco friendly world. If there are any other sustainable podcasts that you listen to, let me know in the comments!