The Best Vegan Restaurants In London

Now that everyone is able to get out again and enjoy themselves, I wanted to focus on some of the more vegan-friendly restaurants. I know a lot of people go to London on day trips and yet can’t find anywhere to eat. That’s because the London vegan restaurants aren’t well known and people are passing them by without noticing!

There are actually loads of fancy vegan restaurants in London and they’re right in front of our very eyes, it’s all about knowing where to actually look and having the knowledge to know what’s on the menu so you can eat somewhere that’s tailored to your requirements, as well as compliment your food palet. After all, vegan restaurants are on the rise and we should all visit them!

London Vegan Resturants

London Vegan Restaurants

Everyone has their own type of food that they like. Myself, I like sweet food and love vegan desserts! However, I can’t expect to walk into a fish and chip shop and get a vegan muffin now, can I! When I’m looking for vegan restaurants in London I normally check this handy Squaremeal post that lists 40 of the best vegan places to eat in London.

The one thing I love about the Squaremeal post is that all the restaurants are split up into sections, so if you know what you’re looking for you won’t need to search the page for hours to find something that you actually want to eat!

You can also use apps like Tripadvisor although the issue I have with that platform and others that are similar is that it’s all based on reviews and they aren’t always showing what you want! I’ve been to a restaurant before that’s supposed to serve vegan food and found out that they stopped months before and the listing hadn’t been updated.

If you have a favourite vegan restaurant in London that you can’t live without, let me know in the comments. When I’m next able to go to London I might just have to check them out, I’m always up for trying new food. I also love supporting an independent business as well so tell me all about the small shops! Check out why to shop local!

Vegan places to eat in London

Why Visit A Vegan Restaurant In London?

I find that when a new, small business emerges in London, in relation to food it’s normally vegan or has a large portion of vegan food on the menu. I love to support a small business every now and again. That’s why I host my business showcase so that I can show off independent companies that offer products that really have a great impact on the environment.

I also find that vegan restaurants take more time, effort and put more passion into their dishes. They might come at a higher price tag sometimes but they always taste so much better in my opinion and are 9.5 times out of 10 healthier and more enjoyable. After all, there are loads of reasons to go vegan!

If you’re ever on a night out or spending the day in London don’t forget to get your shop on! Check out these 100 local London shops that you need to visit when you take a trip to London, you don’t want to miss out after all!

Next time you’re trying to find a decent vegan restaurant in London where you want to grab a bite to eat, take 2 minutes to do a little research and find out all about it. If it’s a small, new and local restaurants that offer amazing food, go for it and let me know how you go on in the comments, please!

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