Vegan Birthday Cake Cupcakes {Dairy Free, Egg Free}(2)

Vegan Birthday Cake Cupcakes {Dairy Free, Egg Free}

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Vegan Cupcake Recipe

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? I love them so much I just had to make these vegan birthday cake cupcakes, although in all honesty I made them for mothers day as I was going to a family get together to celebrate and thought everyone would love a yummy vegan treat. In fact no one could tell they were vegan untill I told them! They are so yummy, I used my vegan buttercream recipe to top them off, adding a generous helping of sprinkles to make them pop and everyone loved them!

If you’ve never had vegan birthday cake cupcakes before, get ready to make something special and very tasty! This recipe only makes 8 so if you want even more you will have to double it, if you’ve got a real sweet tooth or a large family to please I’d suggest you double it and anything leftover if yours to enjoy!

Vegan Cupcake recipe mix

Vegan Sprinkle Cupcakes

So one thing I will say is make sure the sprinkles are vegan friendly, there are loads out there that aren’t so you might have to hunt about. Use as many sprinkles as you want, there’s really no limit to how many you can use and I think that more are better, when you bite into the cake you can see and taste all the sprinkles and it’s just amazing. Perfect vegan cupcakes for a birthday!

Vegan Cupcakes

I love cupcakes and nothing better than vegan cupcakes. If you know vegan food you’ll know you don’t have to compromise on what you can have and this is just another recipe to prove that! Vegan desserts can be amazing and this vegan cake recipe is one of them, I’ve seen some vegan cupcake recipes that are really difficult to put together and have some weird ingreidents! However this is a really nice and easy vegan cake recipe so anyone can make it.

Vegan Birthday Cake Cupcakes {Dairy Free, Egg Free} vegan cupcake mixture

Vegan Recipes

I’m in love with vegan recipes at the moment. With all my recipes if you want more than what the recipe makes just double the ingreidents, easy and simple. I’ve done a few other vegan recipes at the moment so make sure you check them out. I love the vegan lemon drizzle cake I’ve made so totally check that out and let me know that you think. Keep your eyes peeled for some more vegan cake recipes as I have a few in the mix and can’t wait for you to try them!

Vegan Birthday Cake Cupcakes {Dairy Free, Egg Free}



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