Easy vegan chocolate cookies Recipe

Vegan Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies

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I love cookies and at the moment I can’t stop making them, what’s more, the other half loves them as well so they don’t hang around much, these vegan chocolate chip cookies got eaten so fast I had to make a second batch just to get some photos to show you! These vegan chocolate cookies are to die for, some fakeaway Maryland cookies if you will!

Vegan chocolate cookies have been at the top of my to bake list for a while now, I love cookies and I think most people do and I think everyone needs to be able to enjoy them. Of course, these aren’t nut-free cookies as they have hazelnut in them but you can always take them out and make sure all other ingredients don’t contain nuts.

Top Tip. I find that with products that go into baking, the ingredients can change and that’s why it’s always important to make sure any product used is still to your satisfaction, that can be vegan, gluten free, dairy free and so on; just always double check! Also if you want to make the baking easier use a non stick silicone baking tray and ditch the parchment paper!

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Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I know this isn’t a straight forward vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe because it has hazelnuts in but I have to say they give it that extra crunch and a little pinch of goodness to go along with every bite. This is a vegan chocolate chip cookies UK recipe which means there’s no conversion either, I find that a lot of recipes are from the USA so I’m always having to convert cups into grams and it takes forever! If you fancy a handy conversion chart though, check this one out; Easy Cooking Conversion Guide.

You can always change the recipe up by adding almonds if you fancy vegan chocolate almond cookies, I’m going to be trying it soon so watch out for the recipe! I also have vegan pea cookies in the works, I’ve seen people bragging about how great they are and I think it’s time to find out for myself if they’re as good as people think! 

Now I won’t keep you from making the best vegan chocolate cookies around, I mean I’ve seen my partner eat 2 already today because they’re that good. Remember if you want to make even more all you have to do is double the recipe and like I always say these recipes are great for parties, work and bake sales! 

If you have any other ideas for vegan recipes that you want me to make please do let me know in the comments, I love trying new ones and even more so when it comes to vegan cookie recipes and vegan cake recipes, so let me know what amazing vegan treats you want me to make next!!

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Easy vegan chocolate Chip cookies Recipe

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