Vegan Christmas Pudding

Vegan Christmas Pudding

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I love Christmas pudding, so of course I had to make a vegan Christmas pudding in time for Christmas day! Christmas is my favourite time of year, you might have already seen I’ve made some yummy vegan mince pies and I hope you’ve tried them out! I’m not trying to brag but this has to be the best Christmas pudding I’ve ever had, or maybe one of the best. So if you want the best vegan Christmas pudding recipe about, use this one!

This isn’t a gluten free Christmas puddnig but you can easily make one by changing the ingridents to gluten free. I have to say the tradition english Christmas pudding recipe calls for figs but I’m really not a big fan of them so we changed them to dates. Also remember thanks to the ingreidents being vegan, this can also be an amazing vegetarian Christmas pudding and a dairy free Christmas pudding which is perfect for me when I can’t have too much dairy! Is the xmas pudding the highlight of pudding for everyone else or is that just me? I know loads of people who hate Christmas puddings but I just love them, even more so with some yummy dairy free custard!

I have to say I saw loads of recipes out there but they were really complicated, 100 different ingreidents and a thousand steps! This is a really nice easy Christmas pudding recipe and that’s another reason I love it! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can make much vegan food so don’t forget to check out my other vegan recipes! I must point out as well, if you want to add a bit more mixed spice to make it smell even more like Christmas, I added a bit in there and I just love the smell and taste! Which is why I loved making my mixed spice vegan Christmas cookies so totally check them out as well! As always please check that all ingreidents are vegan as companies do change the ingreidents.

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