Vegan coconut cookie recipe

Vegan Coconut Cookie Recipe

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Vegan cookies are something I’ve been working on this year, while in lockdown I thought it would be good to get my baking going again and vegan coconut cookies were on my to-do list that’s for sure! I have to say though I do love cooking with coconut oil and all types of coconut!

Vegan Cookies Recipes

There are many types of cookie recipes out there but I love these coconut cookies, they have a crunch which makes eating them that little bit more satisfying. These are not only vegan cookies but also dairy-free cookies which is great for me because dairy is something I cut out of my diet everywhere I can!

Top Tip. If you’re making any cookie recipes then I’d suggest using a non-stick silicone baking tray, they make life so much easier and you can ditch the baking parchment and help the environment in the process!

With these cookies, you can either use a cookie cutter to get the same size for each cookie but in my opinion if you’re wanting to make the best vegan cookies, don’t be so precise and have fun with them, different sizes means everyone will enjoy and eat as much as they want, otherwise they might eat too much and not enjoy it and no one wants that!

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Vegan coconut cookies recipe

Vegan Recipes

I’m looking at doing so many more vegan dessert recipes this year so please if you have any suggestions do let me know! At the moment I’m obsessed with vegan cookies and even tried making this vegan green pea cookie recipe! I love using new ingredients and trying new recipes, that’s the fun with baking; you can create anything!

If you want even more coconut because you just can’t get enough, I might suggest putting in some coconut extract, you can’t really find it in shops although you can get coconut extract on Amazon and it’s not that expensive.

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Easy Vegan Coconut Cookie Recipe

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