Vegan Honeycomb Cookies Recipe

Vegan Honeycomb Cookies Recipe

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I sat there one night after getting an email about some honey made in the UK and thought, I want to make honey cookies and that’s how this recipe came about! Now, you can drizzle honey over the top of them although that would make them vegetarian cookies and not vegan cookies.

Honeycomb cookies were something I just thought of one night and I’m so glad that I did! This honeycomb cookie recipe did take a few trial runs, however, the first one I tried ended up a sloppy mess, honey doesn’t go well in the cookies which is why drizzled on top is a lot nicer!

You can make these a little more indulgent if you wish and turn it into a chocolate honeycomb cookie recipe but I prefer to make them plain and add the honeycomb into it making it sparkle before you eat it! Plus now that I’ve made them I can’t get enough of cookies with honeycomb!

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Perfect Vegan Honeycomb Cookies Recipe

Cookie recipes

If you’re looking for a cookie recipe then I’ve got loads for you! The great thing about making cookies is that you can literally try anything with them if you’ve got something you think might go well in cookies try it out and see what might happen!

Top Tips for making cookies! If you want to make the baking process easier I’d suggest using a non stick silicone baking tray so that you can ditch parchment paper, help the environment and save money in the process!

If you liked these sweet honeycomb cookies then you need to let me know in the comments, I’m always excited when people try my recipes. If you want to make these vegan honeycomb cookies then don’t add the honey on the end, the honeycomb put into the cookies is vegan, just make sure you check the packaging. You can normally pick up these honeycomb pieces in all supermarkets, even Aldi is you’re baking on a budget!

I hope you enjoyed this honeycomb cookies UK recipe and that you’ll make as many as I did! They are a crowd-pleaser that’s for sure! I’ve always got time for easy honeycomb cookies and these hardly take any time at all! now go and enjoy your chewy honeycomb cookies and don’t forget to share!

Super Easy Vegan Honeycomb Cookies Recipe

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