Vegan mac and cheese

Vegan Mac And Cheese!

Jump to recipe Some of you might know I can’t have dairy, this hasn’t been the case all my life which is both weird and frustrating! It started around 12 year old and since I have had to watch what I can eat! I’m always looking for new ideas and foods that I can enjoy without having to worry, which is why I created this simple and easy vegan mac and cheese recipe! I used to eat so much mac and cheese when I was younger and then one day I stopped, I couldn’t eat it any longer and I can’t even remember the last time I had some. I’ve had the biggest craving for mac and cheese this month and I’ve decided it’s time to give in and make my very own, the fact that it’s vegan means pretty much everyone can enjoy it!

  At the same time I’ve seen loads of complicated recipes out there, recipes with 100 steps that no one wants to follow. I decided to make mine a little more refined, easy and all together simple. Don’t break your back for vegan mac and cheese! The only problem is the amount of dishes you’re left with, that’s why I thankfully have a dishwasher! Now I have to point out that vegan cheese is a little weird, it’s got a strong taste and smell to it that not everyone is going to like. You can find recipes out there that don’t use any cheese but they just seem so difficult and are made up of several thousand ingredients! Vegan mac and cheese I hope you enjoy this super yummy vegan mac and cheese, I know we did! It’s been one of our favourites ever since I first made it and remember you can always add little bits to it like I did with peppers! I’ve heard people love to add onions into the mix and even cherry tomatoes, as long as it’s vegan and fits with the recipe then give it a try! Also this recipe easily feeds four people even if you like big portions! Although if you want even more then just double it up!

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