Christmas Vegan Mince Pies

Vegan Mincemeat Recipe

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Fancy making vegan mince pies but can’t find a proper vegan mincemeat recipe? You’ve come the right place. I wanted to make some really nice vegan mince pies this year but was having serious issues finding some nice recipes that didn’t include loads of ingridents that I’ve not heard of before. So I decided to adapt a few vegan mincemeat recipes and some vegetarian mincemeat recipes so that I could make my own one up. So with this recipe you can make both vegan mince pies and vegetarian mince pies which is ace.

So if you want also want a vegetarian mincemeat recipe you can use this one without any issues. The thing I love with this one, it smells and tastes like Christmas and I can’t get enough. I’ve added in the notes that if you want to give the recipe a little kick to add some brandy in there, that’s totally optional though. I know not everyone likes alcholic vegan mincepies! so I made sure this one was for everyone.

As I say with all recipes, if you fancy making even more just double the recipe. This mixture can be stored for a few months however. I’d suggest making it around Christmas time so you can just stick it right into some yummy mince pie cases and make some tasty vegan mince pies ready for Christmas! If you want to check out my vegan mince pie recipe please do so, that way you’re able to make a fantastic dough for the mince pie and some tasty vegan mincemeat.

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