Vegan pea cookies

Vegan Pea Cookies Recipe

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I know what you’re thinking, a pea cookie recipe doesn’t sound right at all but actually they’re not half bad! This vegan cookie recipe is just the thing to have people talking in the office or to get your friends and family trying new, healthier recipes! Sure I know what you’re thinking, vegan cookies don’t normally include peas, well this one does!

When it comes to vegan cookies UK recipes I have to say pea cookies didn’t come up and they’re more American which is why I thought I’d give them a go, they’re not as yummy as chocolate filled cookies that’s for sure but you get a healthy kick from every bite and what’s better, rabbits love them! Vegan cookie recipes are something I’m looking at lately so if you have any suggestions do let me know in the comments!

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Vegan green pea cookies

Vegan Cookies Recipes

Vegan cookies can be a tough one to make, the consistency needs to be just right because without the eggs they can be a little tough so make sure you follow the ingredients to the letter. I will also suggest making sure all ingredients are 100% vegan, although you might think your normal vegan butter is the one for you, they can change what’s in it making them vegetarian for example and not vegan.

Now, these green pea cookies are both sweet and salty in taste, they are super healthy and really cheap to make with little work involved. You will need a food processor which I think everyone should have in the kitchen as it makes baking so much easier!

These are essentially wheat-free cookies, dairy-free cookies, vegan cookies, oil-free cookies and refined sugar-free cookies all in one and perfect for most diets, why not give them a try and if you like them you can carry on making them!

Now frozen peas work great for the recipe, leave them out of the freezer for a bit and then put them in the food processor to let it do all the work! This is also a great recipe to use ripe bananas that you have sitting around the kitchen, it’s better than throwing them away! Now, remember they don’t look the most appealing but they taste better than they look!

If you fancied these cookies you could also have them for breakfast if you fancied it, who doesn’t like cookies for breakfast? Breakfast cookies are totally something I’ll be looking into for the future!

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Easy Vegan Green Peak Cookies Dairy free!

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