Easy Vegan Upsidedown Berry Cake Recipe

Vegan Upsidedown Berry Cake Recipe

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I’ve wanted to do an upsidedown cake for ages although I had no idea how this one would turn out. This vegan berry upside-down cake is dense, combines fresh flavours and has an amazing spongy texture and great taste!

I’ve got to say mine might not look as great as others out there but that’s because my ability of taking pictures still lacks a certain touch to it! That doesn’t mean this vegan fruit cake is going to taste disgusting, in fact this has to be one of the yummiest vegan cakes that I’ve made so far this year and I’d make it again!

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Vegan Upsidedown Berry Cake Recipe

Now as you can see my vegan berry cake isn’t decorated with leaves that people won’t eat of dusted with icing sugar to make it look pretty! I like to think people will want to know what it looks like, otherwise the disappointment is real and no one wants to look at their baking project and get sad!

Top Tip: if you want to ditch the parchment paper and save the environment a little more, get a silicone baking tray/pan. You won’t have to line it with parchment paper and if you’re a little scared still you can spray some frylight in there to make sure it doesn’t stick, better to be 110% sure rather than a ruined cake!

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