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Vegetarian Carrot Cake Recipe {Dairy Free, Vegetarian}

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I’m a huge fan of cake, not sure if you’ve got that impression from all the recipes I have so far but I am. I have wanted to make a really nice and healthy carrot cake recipe for a long time now and so glad I finally got around to making one. As it’s me I wanted to make sure I’d enjoy it as much as possible which is why I made it into a dairy free carrot cake recipe to ensure I didn’t have issues after!

Easy Carrot Cake Recipe

I like to keep my recipes simple so that anyone can follow them, this easy carrot cake recipe is just that, simple and easy. It’s as easy as chucking everything into a bowl and mixing, it’s an easy carrot cake to make and anyone can do it. All you need to really do is decorate the pecans at the end to make it look pretty and that’s no problem at all! If you’ve come for a simple carrot cake recipe, you’ve really come to the right place!

Vegetarian Carrot Cake Recipe {Dairy Free Recipe, Vegetarian Recipe}

Vegetarian Carrot Cake Recipe & Dairy Free Carrot Cake Recipe

So this is a 100% vegetarian carrot cake, if it wasn’t for ingreidents such as the egg it would be a vegan carrot cake. I’m sure you could leave the egg out however but that’s not something I’ve done within this recipe. I love the fact that it’s vegetarian and dairy free because it’s a more healthy carrot cake recipe and I love healthy food that taste amazing. I’m on the look out for making more vegetarian cake as well so check out my other recipes, also vegan cake! This is also a 100% dairy free carrot cake due to the use of sunflower spread, you can use any dairy free spread within the recipe as well if you want, it’s just a perfered favourite of mine.

How Many Calories In Vegetarian Carrot Cake

If you’re looking for a low calroie carrot cake recipe you’re in the right place, I’m always trying to lose weight and counting calories in one way I do it. That’s why I’m making low carloie cake recipes all the time, so that I can enjoy food and not feel guilty after! Due to the low amount of calories this can be considered a healthy carrot cake and who doesn’t like low calorie cakes! I will have to make a low sugar carrot cake or a sugar free carrot cake at some point as well!

  • Silver Spoon Caster sugar 160g – 640 calories
  • Asda Pecans 100g – 704 calories
  • 4 tsp ground cinnamon – 24 calories
  • 2 Large Eggs – 144 calories
  • Aldi Light Solesta Sunflower Spread 160g – 552 calories
  • 175g Carrot – 72 calories
  • 100g Sultanas – 308 calories
    Total 2,444
    Servings = 16
    Calories per slice; 153 calories

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